E-shop contains selected goods from our line. The price is adjusted as a retail price, eventually according to agreed conditions for the registered customer.

All prices in the e-shop are inclusive of VAT. We reserve the right of a change in the price.
If it is not mentioned differently, prices are adjusted for one piece.

Seller is warning buyer that the delivered parts must be installed by the skilled person. If it is to the contary seller warrants not for the positive settlement of a claim.

Delivery conditions

Orders are processed in two working days after the receipt of payment according to the proforma invoice.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs are invoiced according to the valid rate – v.i.

Receiving goods from the logistic company

We advise our customers to check very carefully the package if it is not damaged. If you can see that the package is damaged, make sure that the goods is in good condition or that the package is complete. You have to draw up protocol about the damage with the logistic company. In the case of damage to goods don’t receive your parcel. Later is not possible set up a claim to the transport damages.

Payment for the goods

Payment for the goods customer realize by transferring the amout to our bank account according to the received proforma invoice. We ship parcels including the invoice immediately after the receipt of payment.

Protection of the personal data

All of your personal data provided to us are considered to be familiar and will not be given to third parties. Informations provided to us are used only for the security and better quality of our services.
Every specification and statistic about your shopping which is earned during the business is archived e.g. for the claims. There is no information provided to third parties. The personal data of buyer is shared only with logistic company. Data shared with the logistic comp. are only necessary informations which are important for the successful delivery of your parcel to the destination you filled in the order, eventually informations about transport and delivery. With use of our e-shop you agree with compilation and using information about you and your shopping.

Order cancellation at the hands of seller

Seller reserves the right of the cancellation the order or the part of the order in this cases:

  • without reason
  • the goods is not in production or is not in stock
  • the price has changed dramatically

In this situation seller will contact immediately buyer for the agreeing on the next progress.

Delivery costs EXPORT
  < 3kg < 10kg < 30kg < 50kg
200 CZK
340 CZK
490 CZK
280 CZK
380 CZK
530 CZK
380 CZK
480 CZK
630 CZK
500 CZK
580 CZK
750 CZK


Fof every entered kilogram - 0,30 CZK/1 kg


Enormous parcel

Circuit size is more then 300 cm - 150CZK


For the conversion of currency please use the website, there are valid exchange rates for every working day.